15 Best sites to find Free Images for Blogs and websites

Images make the Blogs and websites more attractive & provides real meaning to the text. Imagine any online or offline content without images , the blog without images cannot be impressed and whenever you read a text online or offline the first thing which gets noticed is the colorful images . Below are the list of sites which offer free  stock photography which can be used for your Blogs and websites but always remember to check the terms and conditions before download, most of the beginners do mistake by just copying the images from the search engine.


Stock.XCHNG :

Stock.XCHNG contains more than 3.9 Lakhs of quality photos with more  than 30,000 contributors. You are required to register in this site to download the images. You are free to use the images but always you need to check for the terms and conditions before downloading the images. The image restrictions are provided by the respective owners and some of them might ask for credit to their site and you can contact the owner of the image by sending message through the contact form link available with every image.


Everystockphoto :

Everystockphoto is the search engine for searching the free license images which are indexed from multiple sources, the index searches for more than 10M free photos from different sites like Flickr, Stock.Xchng, freerangestock and many more.The source of the image and license is mentioned next to the image.

Stock Free Images :

Stock Free Images contains huge collection of more than 7 Lakh Images and can modify the images as per the needs of the website. You are required to register to download images from this site.

FreeImages :

Freeimages contains more than 6000 stock photos free to use on Blogs, Websites. It does not require registration to download images from this site. It contains almost all the categories like Technology, Objects, Nature, Abstracts, Workplace, Celebration.To use images in your blog you are required to mention the credit link.

Stockarch :

 Stockarch is the library of many creative common stock photos which means you are free to use this in your blogs or websites. The site contains photos that are shared by photographers and check their license agreement of the photo you are downloading. No registration is required to download the photo from this site.

Creative Design :

 Creative Design contains more of abstract and texture design & is worth looking at the pictures. The site contains nearly 2500 images and can be used under a creative commons license.

Open Clipart Library :

 Open Clipart Library contains the largest collection of clipart and you are free to use in your website even without asking permission and all rights are provided. Before using image in your site Check out their Terms and conditions If there is any change in the Permission of using the images.


Freepixels :

 Freepixels contains high resolution images which can be used for personal and commercial designs. Free pixels contains the more than 40 categories ranging from abstract, nature, computers , travel, people which contains around 5000 images.

Morguefile :

 Morguefile is the free photo archive used by many of the users, it contains high resolution stock photographs and no registration required to download the image and you have the option to contact the owner of image and search the images uploaded by individuals.

Stockvault :

 Stockvault contains almost 36k images with more than 54k members and contains high resolution quality images for your website.The images are free to use and it offers a appreciation program for the contibutors on this site where once you have 25 images approved , you have the option to earn from donations and Google Adsense.

Freewebphoto :

 You have to register in this site to download the free images and credit back to the link provided as per their terms and
conditions. You can earn revenue from here by referring buyers and photographs and You will be paid some percentage if the image is sold through your link.

Rgbstock :

 You need to register to download images from rgbstock and it has more than 77k photos and 98k registered members. It contains almost all the categories and contains illustrations, wallpapers and backgrounds too.

Openphoto :

 Openphoto contains large database of images and is free to use under the terms of creative common license.Registration is not required to download from this site and image attribution link is provided with the images.

Photorack :

 Photorack contains more than 25k free stocked photos which are free for personal and commercial and there is no attribution link required to use this images.You can download the images without registrations and can rate the image if you liked it.

Flickr :

 Flickr is one of the top and best site to search for photos to use in your blog or website. It is an online photo management and sharing application  which helps people from all over the world to upload their photo and share the photos. You can download and use the image in your blog as per the flicker creative common Licence.

Just a reminder to read the terms and conditions before downloading any images from these sites and let us know if you are using any other free image sites which you are using for your blog or business website.Also share your experience about these sites and how it helped your site.

19 thoughts on “15 Best sites to find Free Images for Blogs and websites

    1. Mukesh, Welcome to Techbappa and Thanks for commenting 🙂 .In most of the sites listed above credit links are provided in their terms and conditions this might help to provide proper credit wherever required.

    1. Ehsan, Thanks for your comments here 🙂 , Good to know you use your own photos and Designs, Even most of the time i design myself and recently decided to share my designs with others which can be found in the free design category.

  1. Wow, great list of sites here, All site are excellent which you have share above and i definitely download image to my blog.

    1. Rudraksh, Welcome to techbappa and Thanks for comments. Creating images is definitely good initiative into designing and if required you can upload and share your designs in some of the above sites which also helps you to get good traffic.

    1. Istiak, Thanks for your comments here and Thanks for sharing your experience which will help others to be careful while using the pictures from search engines. I think most of us do this mistake unknowingly which in return affects us lot.

  2. thanks a lot brother.i usually only use Google and flicker to find an awesome image for my blog.
    now you gave me a lot of choices. thank you so much 🙂

  3. Nice resource! I’m a graphic designer and amateur photographer so I always try to create my own unique pieces where possible but its great to have some decent free resources available as buying stock images can get expensive. Thanks! 😀

    1. Shell, Thanks for liking and your comments in techbappa 🙂 its good to have our creation and sometimes may be due to time constraints we can look for free resources from the above list of sites.

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