Add website or Blog to Facebook Account

Do you own a Blog or a website which you would like to link to existing Facebook Account. Below few steps will enable to create page and you can invite only selected or entire friends from your group to view the post. Even you can add Multiple websites or Blogs under the same Facebook Account.

In the left side of the webpage, under pages, create a page

Click Brand or Product

Select Website and Below type the Website or Blog Name

You can upload the image or skip the step

Enter the website description and below enter the website address

Give a name for the web address, this link or name can be used in your websites or blog to link to Facebook page.

After the name selection, you will be directed to the Page.

You can list multiple website or blogs under the same account. To create another page, click pages & in the right corner below home you can find create page.

Facebook Insights can be used for further tracking of the page that you created.You can analyze trends of user growth, number of likes, page views in the graphical format.

2 thoughts on “Add website or Blog to Facebook Account

  1. Having a Facebook page for a blog is a great idea. I’ve now set one up for each of my blogs, and they definitely do help. I have seen quite a few visits coming from one in particular — even though I haven’t put that much up there on the page. So people are definitely finding it and clicking through to the blog.

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