Analyse the Website for SEO using SEO Doctor

If you want to know whether the website is as per the recommendations of SEO documents then SEO Doctor an extension in Mozilla Firefox is the right tool to analyse the website based on Google webmaster, Image, SEO starter guidelines. It will analyse for any problems and provides the score for your webpage.

SEO Doctor

There are different flag indication in the status bar to indicate the SEO Score. If Green Flag everything is fine. Yellow flag represents noncritical warning & Red flag indicates some of SEO elements can be improved better.

It has other features like Links which shows the no of external links, Visits which displays the visitors count, the Backlinks which shows the backlinks counts for the domain.


SEO Doctor analyses for Meta Description which is used to describe the page still used by some of search engines to display in search engines, how Header Tags are used in the webpage,Analyse For ALt Image tag which is important for image search,get details on Inbound links & checks for SEO friendly URL’s whether link is static or dynamic.It also analyses for Page loading time which is important for reader as well as page rank.

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