Exchange Hosting and its benefits to Business

Communication and accessibility are crucial for all businesses in the current climate, Exchange Hosting lets employees access their work from anywhere in the world, at whatever time they should wish. With this in mind, it is clear that this tool will help employees have access to their work even when they are out of the office which is crucial for the success of a business.

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Here are 6 key reasons why businesses would be sensible to invest in an exchange hosting server.

1. Work from anywhere at any time:  Exchange hosting servers allow company employees access to all of their emails, contacts and business calendar from anywhere at any time! This works from any Microsoft Outlook product! In addition, when you do update something, or send an email, this is then kept up to date, so when you access your email again, you can live in the confidence that the email you sent, actually did send, and the calendar you update, did update.

2. Stay Connected: Exchange hosting servers allow users to see their emails, contacts, calendars and files on the move as the servers can be connected to via Smartphones and tablets as well as computers. The ability to stay connected is absolutely imperative in the business environment today with more and more people accessing the internet via their mobile phones. Additionally, employees increasingly have to travel the globe for their company, thus the need for accessibility at all times from all formats is crucial.

3. Work offline:  With an exchange hosting service, employees are able to work offline, drafting emails, changing their contact details, and updating their calendars. Exchange hosting services sync the information done offline so that it appears when the user is online, this can be particularly useful if the employee has a poor internet connection.

4. Receive huge amounts of email without the need to delete: Hosted exchange servers have huge email limits, often between 5GB and 25GB per mailbox. This means that there is rarely a need to empty your Inbox; instead, you can store everything so that you will never be forced to delete emails because your Inbox Is too full!

5. Sharing’s caring: Exchange hosting services allow employees to share files, contacts, emails and calendars across the company, allowing all employees the ability to provide their colleagues reports and updates of their work. This can be useful when looking to arrange meetings, as the calendar function can help reduce the likelihood of scheduling conflicts for a boardroom or meeting room, which can save unwanted awkwardness and fall outs.

6. Spam filters: Unwanted emails, such as spam email can reduce productivity hugely as employees sometimes have to spend hours deleting them. Exchange hosting servers supply employees with spam filters, ensuring that spam emails get put straight into a spam folder, thus saving the user precious time and effort, and aiding their productivity.

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Nick le chat is a keen technology writer, writing on behalf of Giacom, who provide businesses effective exchange hosting solutions.

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