How to use Facebook Graph Search

The Graph Search is the new feature rolled out by Facebook to make the search easier by selecting the auto filter suggested in search and by further using the refine search to filter and get the specific results. The new feature lets you to explore more about the friends interests, nearby places and the photos.  So if you haven’t started using Facebook graph search, here is how you activate and explore the features.

How to activate Facebook Graph Search:

Most of you may not find this feature by default, you need to enable this feature by going to Facebook Graph search site and click on join the waiting  list, the feature will be enabled in few days and once it is enabled you will be able to find the search feature in the top left section of Facebook.


My Friends

My Friends lists the Friends within the network with their short bio and you can further filter the search using the “refine this search” available in the right section of page, click on “See more” to explore more filters like “work and education”, “Relationships & Family”,”Living”, “photos & videos” and “likes and interests”. The Filter lets you search for a specific queries like

  • Listing friends who live in the same city, same school, same employer.
  • Filter friends liking the same page as yours.
  • Search for your school or college batch mate by selecting the school and year. The search lets you to search outside your friends network too.
  • Above are just few examples,  You can try out many more combinations from the list of available filters.



 Photos of My friends:

It filters for the friends pictures within the network and clicking the same search link provides more search results to filter “photos of friends who work in my company”, “photos of my friends taken in my city” and every search can be further filtered by choosing the auto suggestions provided in the left top section.



Restaurants Nearby, Games My friends Play, Music My friends like:

Others filters available like find the nearby restaurants in your city, also lets you to refine other places like finding the book store, hotel, gym, school, supermarket and listing out the places liked by friends in the network.  Wanna know which are the most popular games played by your friends, using the filter “games my friends play” lets you to find the list of all games and further refine lets you to search by app type and game type. If you want to the know whether the book,music, movies you are purchasing is liked by any of the friends ,”music my friends like” lets you to search for the specific results. “Photos I have liked” filters out the all the pictures which you had liked.


The new feature can be beneficial to many of the individual and Business for analysis and finding similar tastes. some of us might think of the privacy concerns which is taken care by selecting the appropriate privacy options.

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  1. One thing I very much dislike is graph search makes it much more cumbersome to find pages, specifically if you are looking for fanpages or pages that begin with a certain amount of letters, like all fanpages beginning with “tech” for example, sure it lets you search people, places…etc. But pages are not nearly as intuitive and rarely come back unless you have an exact match.
    Justin Germino recently posted..Using Pokki to Add Start Button to Windows 8My Profile

  2. I now love this new interace.when first timeline was introduced I was little sad but now with coming up of graph search I like Facebook more 😀

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