Facebook Operation Unlike – Good or Bad for Business Growth

Facebook is trying all the tricks in the book to assure it doesn’t lose the huge customer base it possesses! Either if you are a Facebook follower or a brand promoting products via Facebook, you would be aware of the term “Operation Unlike” which I have mentioned on the title. Before getting started with what it is, I would love to shine a light on why Facebook is so rapidly bringing in changes! It gives a feel that Facebook is quite concerned about the recent user activities. Yes, recently plenty of users were on multiple week breaks and in fact a few stated that they won’t be getting into the Facebook activities anymore. This could really have forced Facebook to incorporate new changes which in turn could improve and help retain the existing clientele.

However, there might be some factors that push regular visitors to abandon Facebook activities. What could be them? Here, I have mentioned some of the vicious elements that annoy user experience and expel most people from Facebook activities.

  • Fake account holders
  • Compromised accounts
  • Links from malwares

Fake account holders :

Today, Facebook occupies the center stage and it has been proved to be the prominent platform online. It is the reason why so many people just want to create accounts on Facebook with no intentions. In fact, they have created accounts in all possible ways, both legally and illegally which could be used for notorious and hazardous purposes. For instance, a same person can create multiple accounts by providing fake details. It may be for business or personal purpose. This could impact the performance of Facebook as they might involve in dirty activities which cause serious troubles to other users. But, now Facebook is planning to crack the whip on such account holders and in fact started purging their accounts instantly. So, if you have more than one account, obviously your account will be terminated without any warning!


Compromised accounts :

Today, compromising accounts are on the rise. You could have studied recently about the security flaws that really annoyed most Facebook users. It clearly states that security flaws are on the high and compromised accounts happen as a result of this. Often times, hacking or virus attack may be the reasons for account compromising. However, these kinds of accounts can be misused for various illegal purposes and Facebook clearly understands this. As a result, it has come up with solid strategy to remove these types of accounts to improve its performance.

Likes from Malwares :

Malware websites carrying viruses, when clicked or downloaded in your FB accounts could harm the performance or operation of your accounts. In fact, too many people are trying to use these kinds of malwares to create fake “Likes” which produces so much of chaos among the users. Facebook realizes this and it is the reason why it has come up with stringent measures to put an end to this nasty issue.

Facebook signup :

It is quite easy to sign up and create an account in Facebook. It takes just than a few minutes to create a new account in Facebook and it is the reason why we have too many users, both legal and illegal, with original and fake accounts. It has to fix up the signing up process issue with tough measures which could stop spammers creating dual accounts. Eliminating fake accounts would be easy with such interesting measures and it helps the Facebook users to experience real and worthy information from others.

All the above-said strategies adopted by Facebook acts as a barricade in the business growth. However, Facebook has no other options left to impress and benefit the visitors with some valuable real clicks and shares for their users, which could be beneficial for both the users and businesses. Though, Facebook has been framing tough rules to put an end to the malpractices, it still has to go a long way to be free from all sorts of technical issues. Facebook claims it has fixed nearly 90% of spammers in the past years but still there are plenty of spam-related issues happening in-and-out of Facebook and it is time for Facebook to put an end to it.

Yes, it is true! Based on the Facebook “Operation Unlike,” plenty of businesses have encountered hefty dips in the Facebook likes, and traffic. Brands and popular personalities have spotted a significant drop in the “likes” factor. The Facebook Metrics of all the brands can be tracked at the PageData Tracking service page. The reason for the sudden dip in the Likes on the pages of most Facebook holders’ pages is due to Operation Unlike.

Image Credit:  sxc.hu/photo/1155518

Guest Post by John Christev

John Christev is a professional content writer and blogger since last 2 years. I have writing expertise in technology topics specially. I recently started write for Magento Social Extension

5 thoughts on “Facebook Operation Unlike – Good or Bad for Business Growth

  1. I think Facebook has realised that it has to give the proper security and customer satisfaction and work harder to keep its user base from quitting and taking up some other source. I have also experienced the fake account thing and its so annoying that I have developed a dislike for it. Its good that FB is finally doing something about it.Nice post.

  2. In a way, Operation Unlike is going to do greater good for us all. Even with a significant drop in likes, at least, companies are certain that their following are real customers or potential customers who are really interested with their products.

  3. Yes! But i think today facebook is at the peak where this little activities does not affects its reputation in Business Market

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