Facebook Page Customization Tips to Improve Brand Visibility

Facebook has helped businesses to improve their presence on the World Wide Web. Many people have had complaints about Timeline and the following article discusses how the features in Timeline can be used to our advantage.

Social Media has been playing in huge role in improving web presence for a business. Facebook has helped businesses to connect to all kinds of audience around the world. Recently Facebook changed every one to the Timeline and many people were not happy about it. But we can still use this to our advantage and get more web presence. There are many ways how we can get more web presence with the help of Facebook. Let’s discuss a few points.


There is a certain feature called Milestones that we tend to ignore or overlook. What it does basically is puts everything in a chronological order. You can actually use this feature to show growth, reliability, longevity and consumer relationships of your business. This will give a lot of insight to the consumers and will give them a to the core knowledge of your business. You can also share information about your company’s history and what it has done throughout the years.

Facebook E-Mail:

Your business pages do not have Facebook email addresses but your personal profile do. With these email addresses, people can email you using a normal email system, and the emails will show up as messages. You can add this to your signatures in our regular emails and drive traffic from there. This will also help in increasing your web presence.

Pinning Images & Posts:

Another feature of the Timeline is pinning images. This feature allows your post to be pinned to the top of your Timeline and stay there for seven days. You can also pin the posts you like. But make sure you pin relevant and purposeful images and posts which will help your business. Utilizing this feature will help you a lot.


Highlighter is another feature that makes sure that your post grabs attention. When you hit the star button it highlights your particular post and makes it stand out among others. You can have as many highlighted posts as you want but make sure not to highlight everything because it will then become a turn off.

Cover Photo:

The next is the cover photo, it is another easy way of grabbing attention. You can post a relevant image with your company’s message along with a befitting profile picture. This is also another way of using all of these features to improve our web presence.

These are some of the ways you can improve your web presence with the help of customizing your Facebook page.


Daniel is an experienced Indian PHP Developer and Social Media Expert associated with a leading web development company. He has written many posts on web design, website development, and Social media related topics.

2 thoughts on “Facebook Page Customization Tips to Improve Brand Visibility

  1. Nice steps written .but i think Cover photo is the best way to gain someone’s attention. do some effort in making the cover photo… also put that photo in your original profile albums tagging most of your good friends… The tagging of friends has a benefit that friends of friends will also see that picture..and definitely if they find your topic of their interest they definitely going to visit your site… but dont forget to mention your website URL in your pic…;)

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