Free and Paid games for Windows 8 from windows store

Just like Google has its Play Market and Apple has the iTunes store, Microsoft has also launched an app store along with Windows 8. It allows you to download apps for various purposes, including games. Of course you won’t get the variety of Android and Apple, but it is still quite versatile. Below are the list of Good free and premium games available in Microsoft store.

Cut the Rope (Free) :

For Android users, this is a very popular game. It engages you with cute interface, with the candy monster urging you to feed it more candies with adorable sounds. The app has won Apple Design Award, BAFTA, Pocket Gamer Award, GDC Award and Best App Ever Award. So it is evident that the Windows 8 version has high expectations as well. The trial is available for free, but if you want to play all 275 levels, you need to buy it.


Jetpack Joyride(Free) :

In this game, you follow the adventures of Barry Steakfries as he dons jetpacks and goes on the ride of his life. The storyline is not elaborate; it basically boils down to Barry breaking into the lab of evil scientists and steals jetpacks equipped with advanced technology. You have to collect coins, power-ups and vehicles, which can be upgraded and customized in Stash. It has a massive collection of jetpacks and vehicles you can collect, the objectives and missions are fun to complete.

Agent P Strikes Back(Free) :

It is a platforming game which requires you to secure your fellow agents. Even the full version of the game feels a bit like demo version, but maybe that is why there is no paid version of the game. It takes the secret life of Agent P (from Disney’s Phineas and Ferb) to a more graphic level. You have make Perry jump around and explore and avoid electrocuting wires. The platform is challenging by itself, but the environments are actually quite repetitive.

Parking Mania(Free) :

This is actually a pretty simplistic game, but very engaging nonetheless. Those of you who have played more complicated games like GTA that require parking in certain spots for completing or initiating missions would feel nostalgia while playing this game. It has over 80 vehicles that need parking and you can somewhat sharpen your spatial skills while doing so.

Apart from these, there are games which do not have an entire free version, but you can play demo for free. Besides, you may have different taste in games, which means you can easily have your own favorite set of free games on Windows 8.

Minesweeper(Free) :

Many of us played the classic puzzle minesweeper game, now Microsoft launches in a new and better modes.  It comes with various modes like classic, Adventure and challenge.


Wordament(Free) :

Wordament is a word game, every round is very challenging with puzzles, you need to find the most possible word or longer words to score extra bonus points.

 Where’s My Water?(Paid) :

The best puzzle game is available for Windows 8 as well. You need to be very smart to conquer this game. For those out of you, who are hearing this game’s name for first time ever, let me tell you that in this game, the central character is alligator, and you aim is to make path for water to reach him. The character in your control is Swampy, which is a duck. You need to cut the pipes in such a way that water reaches the alligator. Though, the work is not that tough, but the fellow alligators, who do not want your alligator to get water, try to stop you on your way. This makes the game quite interesting to play.

Angry Birds Star Wars (Paid):

Another popular game making into the list. Angry Birds Star Wars is about fight between your Angry Birds and Pig Troopers. You must kill them or they will do it for you. The use of supernatural powers from both opponents make the game interesting to play.

Fruit Ninja (Paid):

Cut the fruits that get popped up on your device’s screen. Of course, by using your finger as sword. You should be fast enough so that not even a single fruit goes back without getting cut. And yes, smart enough so that you do not cut the bombs that pop up in a frequent manner.

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