10 Free Online Cloud Storage Providers

Cloud Storage is the online storage where all your data can be stored, shared with selected users and securely store the files online with less risk of losing data. There are many online cloud storage providers and some of the free cloud storage providers are listed below.


1. icloud(Apple) :

icloud is from Apple and its service allows its  users to store documents, backups, applications, photos from any of the devices. icloud stores bookmarks and reading list always  update and keep tabs of webpages that you have browsed on your iphone, MAC, ipad and you can continue browsing wherever it was  left.
icloud allows “Find My iPhone” feature which means you can locate your device on a map or delete your data remotely.”Find My Friends” feature in icloud is a great feature to share  your location and to locate your friends or family where they are locating which allows to track and stay connected always. Upto 5GB Storage is FREE and for any additional storage of 10GB, 20 GB or 50GB you need to buy.

2. Dropbox :

Dropbox allows upto 2GB Free storage and for any  additional storage you need to purchase, there are different price range based on the team members size. Dropbox allows to store and share the folder with friends or teams and keep the data in sync. It allows to manage the team with their powerful management tools and from the admin console you can view every team member activities and helps to maintain different versions of files. The newly added feature allows to preview documents which saves
times instead of waiting and downloading the entire documents.

3. Google Drive(Google) :

Google Drive allows to use 5 GB of free space and includes Google Docs in Google Drive where you can create the documents with text, image, tables and using sheets lets to track and analyze data with tools like formulas, charts and pivot tables. It also lets to view more than 30 file types like photoshop, illustrator and lets you to share the files with selected users.

4. Skydrive(Microsoft) :

Skydrive provides 7 GB of free space and will be able to use the office web Apps on SkyDrive. Office web Apps has Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and OneNote where you can edits in the web browser itself. In web app, you and your friends will be able to edit the document at the same time and will be able to share with the community on Facebook, Linkedin and Myspace.

5. Box :

Box provides 5 GB of free space for personal use and 14 Day Trial for Business.The Free features allows to share the links, securely transferring files and storing files. Sync the data and will be able to edit documents.

6. Sugarsync :

Sugarsync allows 5 GB of Free space with some limitations in usage, you will be able backup and sync data upto 5GB and with unlimited number of devices, you can get mobile applications for Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and other mobile devices, if you want to get more space and features need to upgrade and every plan comes with free 30 day trial which provides complete access to the all the services like accessing data from remote, sync and real time backup.

7. Wuala :

Wuala allows 5 GB of Free space and for additional storage you can upgrade the plans. The features allows to sync your files, store and access the files from anywhere and lets you access the older version of files.

8. Amazon cloud drive:

Amazon provides 5 GB of Free storage for storing and downloading files.The desktop app handles data loss due to internet disconnections and allows to pause and continue at any time. Cloud Drive Photos for android saves all the photos automatically and will be access albums anytime.

9. Spideroak :

Spiderroak provides 2 GB of Free storage for taking backups with making changes , Accessing data from any device, allows sync of data and sharing the data and has option to use password to protect sharerooms. For Business, it provides some of the features like integration and deployment via LDAP or Microsoft Active Directory.

10. Mozy :

Mozyhome provides 2 GB of Free Storage with the features like Automatic backups, file synchronization, apps for iPhone and Android Mobile, Encryption during storage and backups, Access to knowledge base, tutorials and the community, you can upgrade to MozyHome for some cost which provides More space, chatting with technical support and submitting the support tickets.

Guest Post by Srikanth Sri

Srikanth Rao is an Engineering student and founder of Tipsntricksblog. He is interested in Technology and likes to write articles on Technology, Blogging and Gadgets. If you like is work please connect with him on facebook.

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  1. Currently, I’m using Google Drive. But I’m really seeing that SkyDrive might make a comeback for businesses in file collaboration and sharing because of the new Microsoft Office 2013 cloud feature.

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