Free Portable Software Apps

Do you wish to run software apps without installation or wanted to carry some of your favorite apps to work on any computer without installation then is for you which list many portable software’s used in our day to day work.

All the apps are Freeware/opensource & available in almost all categories.

Web Browser:

Portable Firefox Web Browser: Firefox is one of the best web browser available as a portable web browser. It can be easily launched from Pen Drive which saves the browsing history and bookmarks without saving anything in the PC you are using.


First PDF: First PDF is the tool to convert any PDF to text or word document.


Sudoku Game: If you are looking for Portable games then check out this Sudoku game, game can be played directly from pendrive without installation.

Graphics & Design:

Pixie color picker: Pixie displays RGB, CMYX, HTML values of any color present on the screen.Just Drag and drop in the area to view the details of the color.

Webmaster Tools:

LinkSpirit: Linkspirit helps webmasters to check the internal links present in the website.

Programming Tools:

Notepad++: Notepad++ is one of the best code editors used by many programmers.

Media Players:

VLC: VLC Media Player is used to play various Video ,Audio Formats & Many codecs like MP4, MPEG-1, AVG.

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