Free Useful Extensions in Opencart

Opencart an opensource PHP MYSQL shopping cart has got large number of Free & Premium Extensions & Extensions gets upgraded to newer version as and when there is a new release. This Extension enhance the existing functionality there by increasing better user experience. The Extension are easy to search filtered by Free & Commerical & can search by version. This Extensions are required to be used with VQMOD.  Install Updates in Production only after testing from local environment.

Some of the Free Useful Extensions to Use with Version are listed here & this supports upgraded versions too.

1. Import/Export Tool:

One of the Best Free Tool for Importing/Exporting Bulk Products, Categories, Attributes, Options. The Product details are required to be updated in the format provided. Before using this tool, check for the Memory Requirements as it requires more Memory usage during upload.

2. Tag cloud:

This extension can be placed anywhere in the template. This makes search easier with multiple words used in it.

3. Social Float:

This extension lets you to add floating share buttons which includes Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon, Piniterest, Linkedin. You can enable or disable the buttons.

4. Text Justify/ MediaEmbed:

This Extension adds Text Justify & MediaEmbed in the Formatting Toolbar. Text Justify lets you to Align Full in Product Description & MediaEmbed let you to Embed video like Youtube.

5. Link Box:

This module allows to add external/internal links in the Custom Box Title. This Box supports to add upto 10 text links, use as Horizontal and Vertical Layouts. You can Create Multiple instances in the same page or across site.

6.Countdown Timer

The countdown timer can be used for a products displaying special price for a limited period.

7.Information Pages Hierarchical Top Menu

Default template contains about us, contact us, privacy policy & others in the Footer. This Extension lets you to use this links in the Horizontal Menu.

8.Teaser Text for Products.

This vQmod allows You to manage the lengths of the Teaser Texts for Products. Using this you can decrease or increase the length of text in the product list.

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