Friendship Page for Friends in Facebook

Facebook recently introduced new layout for Friendship Pages.Friendship Pages is a collection of interaction between the people who are connected on Facebook. For Example if you have tagged friends in the photos or if both of you joined some groups and if you exchanged any comments between you,thenĀ  the entire interaction with that person can be seen in a separate dedicated page. To check this new feature Goto Friends List & you can find “See Friendship” link.

The other method to see friendship page with one of the friend in the list.

  • Click on friends timeline
  • click the gear down arrow next to message & select See Friendship

It always good memories when you miss somebody and remembering those interactions, photos & watching them brings lots of happiness. With Friendship page, its never alone again, the memories with individuals are bought to life.

In the Friendship Page, We can view posts shared between us, The Groups we both belong, mutual friends list between us and In Browse Friendship you can check the friendship between two other friends.

Friendship page also features the relationship, If you are married and photos, interaction are tagged, those lovely moments can now be shared with friends in a dedicated page.

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