Google Play launches Book category in India

Google Play is an online cloud based store where all the apps, Music, movies and books are stored which can be accessible from any Android Device and from the web. Users will be able to browse the categories and download for the price or free.

Google Play store contains largest collection of Android apps which can be downloaded for free or paid apps. The store contains All the featured apps with ratings and the number of times the app is downloaded. Before download, The app rating, current version, suitable android version can be checked and most also user reviews with the type of versions they used and what they felt about the app. The What’s new section provides all the version updates with the changes made by the developer.

Google Play store contains Apps, Books, Movies, Music and Magazines, but not all are accessible in all the countries. The availability of these is limited and currently India has access to Apps and latest addition is Books section. Hope to see other Music, Movies and Magazines soon for Indian users. UK and US has access to all the sections of Google play.

Google Play recently added books category for people in India which offers international titles and thousands of Indian Book title from Indian authors like Abdul Kalam, Amish Tripathi, Rashmi Bansal,Ruskin Bond, Shobhaa De, Ravinder Singh. The Books Section contains categories on New Arrival in Fiction and Non Fiction. Recommended Books and the Books which costs less than 100 Rs. Preorder books section is available to with availability date and charges will be applied once the books are available. The section also contains Top Paid and Top Free books, the free books which can be read online from the web browser,any android phone or iphone/ipad. Similar to Apps, Every Books has information about the publisher, Pages and Reader Reviews to rate the book. By clicking on author name, you can find the entire list of books written by the author.

To be able to read the books you need to download Google Play Books available in the app section

Image :  Google Play Store

3 thoughts on “Google Play launches Book category in India

  1. A blessing for the book lover like me!!!
    Google is definitely trying to reach people of different taste with this new offering. Finally India is getting on the radar of world tech wizards.

    Thanks for sharing this info.

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