New gTLDs – Change to Domain Name System

Remember ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) last year approved plan to change internet’s domain name system to launch new gTLD’s for organisation and brands, so wondering  what is gTLD and those who are not aware of the new gTLD’s here is the information for you.


Who is ICANN  (Internet corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) ?

ICANN is a non profit private corporation who coordinates Internet unique identifiers and plays very important role in Internet
Domain Name System and and is dedicated for internet security and to ensure stable unified global internet.

What is gTLD (generic top-level domain):

It is one of the categories of TLD’s (Top-level domains) for using domain name system in the internet.  There are currently 22 approved TLD’s, some of them we know are .com, .org, .info, .net, etc. As per the plan ICANN will introduce few more thousands extensions under new gTLD’s which can be .ANYTHING means you can have domain extension like .BLOG, .MOVIE, .DOCTOR , .GOOGLE, list can go upto 1000+

From Past few years ICANN is working on new gTLD’s and already accepted 1930 applications from companies like GOOGLE, MICROSOFT, CISCO, CITIGROUP, YAHOO and many others. Some of the Indian companies who applied for gTLD’s are DABUR, RELIANCE, AIRTEL, STATE BANK OF INDIA, TATA, INFOSYS, INFIBEAM, HDFC and once new gTLD’s are implemented we might see this companies using .BRAND as their extension.

Google had applied for 100+ gTLD names like .BLOG , .CHROME, .CLOUD, .CORP, .DOCS, .TECH, .ANDROID, .LOL, .INC, .YOUTUBE. There are multiple applicants who had applied for same extensions like APP(13 Applicants), .HOME(11 Applicants), .HOTEL (7 Applicants) which will be resolved before implementation.

Advantage of gTLD

1. Having .BRAND helps consumers easier access to company’s products ,  information and complete control over the .BRAND extension.

Examples:  Telecom company say abctelecom currently has domain like, as per new gTLD if they apply and register their new gTLD for .abctelecom then they can use domain as

2. Currently anybody can register same names under different extensions which creates confusion and copyright issues, with .BRAND registered with the company others will not be able to choose the same .BRAND extension which helps in protecting the company’s trademark and more secured.

3. With new gTLD, it may allow generic domain names which can be easily identified by their domain extension.

Example: http://www.technical.BLOG , http://www.johns.BLOG

Example:  http://www.genie.MOVIE , http://www.jeevi.GAMES, http://www.james.ACTOR

Example: http://www.notebook.APP

4. As the Internet is growing so fast and popularity of social media, apps, online brand establishment , secured payments , companies or individuals finding difficult in finding the suitable brand names and there is a requirement to have more options in domain extension.

It is projected to  see this major change in 2013-2014 where domain extension with .com might be replacing with new gTLD’s which is entirely new innovation in domain name system.

5 thoughts on “New gTLDs – Change to Domain Name System

    1. Sri, Thanks for your comments here and there are many advantages as mentioned in the article, just imagine if this are open to public, dont you like to have your domain like tipsntricks.BLOG, means just by seeing this website users can understand its a blog and most important is for big companies who can have their domain extension as .BRANDNAME which provides more security and trust to the users.

  1. Thank you Lokesh for the news. I can’t guess the impact gTLD will invite, really, its going to be much excited. In first place, it looks like everybody will try to get their domain name as gTLD extension, but will it be open to general public? Or it will be offered only to the established brands?

    So, in future we will have web addresses like ? Hahaa.. interesting

    1. Suresh, Thanks for your comments here 🙂 so many big companies had already applied for their brands names and few general domain extension were found which means there are possibilities to general public and may be we can expect domain name like learnprogramming.HERE 🙂 and interesting part is .HERE is one of the gTLD applied by GOOGLE 🙂

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