How I got Google Page Rank 3 in 2 Months

How did I achieve Google Page Rank 3 in just 2 months? This was the question asked by many new bloggers who had sent mail sharing their page ranks & wanted to know the methods used. Last 2 months I had published first month blogging & second month blogging in which I had shared my experience after the blog launch.

Sharing the methods which might be useful for new bloggers.

Quality & unique content:

I started blogging the contents which I was good at & knew the subject well. Keeping targeted readers in mind, listed down the categories to be used in the blog, started posting blogs on regular basis & followed strictly. Tried to maintain at least one post daily & on different categories. At this time didn’t worry about Ranking or making money from the blog. Having passion towards technology wanted to share my learnings with the readers. Remember If your content is good, you will get visitors which increase ranking and then you can think of generating revenue.


  • Don’t copy content or images from other sites, there is so much of hard work & time spent on creating blog & it is an effort to share the knowledge with readers.
  • Schedule Your Blog & keep posting. New Bloggers should follow this strictly otherwise someday you might lose interest in blogging if you are not regularly posting the content.
  • Don’t copy images from search engine its strictly copyright infringement. Search for the images in creative comment license & link back to author site wherever required.
  • Don’t worry about short content , keep writing, your writing skill improves with experience.

Social Media:

The contents should reach the right audience. The very first day you will not get readers for your blog, create Facebook page & first few days share with your friends network, get suggestions from them. Then start building the network of other social networks like Twitter, Pinterest, Stumbleupon, chime, delicious,Linkedin When you are adding some person to network. Visit their blog & start interacting with them & build relationship.


  • Maximize your presence in social Media & be active.
  • Explore all the possibilities & features in the social media.
  • Share blog if you really liked, retweet , appreciate other blogger work.
  • If your expertise is in technology it is not that you should visit only technology blogs, visit other blogs in other categories too, start interacting & building network them.

Blog Directories:

As a new blogger when you feel you are getting less traffic, you should get listed in the blog directories like Indiblogger, Bloggers, Technorati this is where you meet the like minded bloggers & will get you loyal readers for your site. There are many other directories remember I’m just sharing the directories which I had added when I started blogging.


  • Before getting listed in this directory, make sure contents are available in the blog , Your blog may get rejected if the content is less.
  • If there is a directory which has voting system, don’t just visit a blog for the sake of votes. Visit blogs and comment


Commenting creates good backlinks especially blogs having comment luv plugin. There are many benefits in commenting

  • Your communication with other bloggers increases
  • You will learn new things especially new blogs
  •  You get good readers
  • You get good backlinks
  • Your writing skills improve.


  • Don’t just use short words & say”I liked your post”, “good one”. Many of the bloggers don’t approve short comments & Use your Original name in the comments.
  •  Don’t provide html links in the comments. It will be considered as spam & get listed in spam list.


Shared my Alexa ranking in my first month blogging & following all the methods which is mentioned here helped to gain good ranking & as on 24th Dec 2012 Alexa global Rank is 1,15,515. Claimed my site in Alexa & installed Alexa toolbar. Few of the blogger asked whether I’m using premium membership, answer is No.


  • Buying old domain name may get fast Alexa ranking. The Blog roopas got Alexa global rank 1,98,146 in less than 2 months.
  • Few beginners search for methods to get listed in Moz Rank. Don’t worry about Moz Rank your site will be automatically listed when you have backlinks.

 Wordpress Plugins:

If you are using WordPress some of the useful plugins will benefit SEO.


  • Use the plugins which are most popular & highly rated.
  • Few plugins degrades the web site performance & I had come across some plugins which was not allowing to post the content, be careful while installing plugins.
  • Try to use minimal plugins which are useful. If you have the option to work without plugins then don’t use.

27 thoughts on “How I got Google Page Rank 3 in 2 Months

  1. First off, thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting. Secondly, congrats on the page rank achievement. I will admit that for me, that’s a back of the mind goal and I’m just working on creating good content and being more consistent with my posting. I am also concentrating on participating in sites like bizsugar, blogengage and warrior forum. Maybe page rank will come at some point. Thanks and congrats again

    1. Dixon, Thanks for visiting blog & commenting. You are right having good content, consistent post & participating in blog directories & forums will help getting good links and tariff.

  2. That’s pretty impressive Lokesh and thanks for sharing your formula with your readers.

    I for one know that consistency is the key and staying on track with the content that you share. I know that if you’re writing about a topic that you know and love then it’s much easier to stay on track.

    I know that this will help a lot of people who are struggling to get their site ranked even now. I appreciate you sharing this with us all.


    1. Adrienne, Thanks & happy to see your comments in my blog.Definitely know content in the beginning helps to give good start to the beginners. Thanks for your comments.

  3. Congratulations on your achievements and thank you for your great tips on going up in the rankings fast.

    I’m glad you are talking about not copying pictures. Most people feel that such pictures are just free for the taking, but in most cases that’s not true. They are not free and shouldn’t be use without permission.

    Thank you for this valuable information.

  4. That’s really awesome that you got PR3 within 2 months. I also got PR2 in the 1st PR update during my blogging. I think backlinks and quality contents helped me a lot to get this PR>

  5. Hey Lokesh,

    Congratulations for your success. I think you have got PR3 for good content and huge backlink. If you get backlink from high PR site than you will also get a high PR.

  6. Great work.It is really a luck to get PR3 within this short span of time.A great inspiration to bloggers(hardworking) 🙂

  7. Congrats! I actually got to page 1 of google for my key words in just a couple of months! I used a lot of the same techniques that you discussed here. I do not like Alexa ranking and find it to be more for show than actual results. The only results that matter happen in Google, Bing, and maybe some other search engines. I do agree with you when you talk about social media. I have yet to really develop this as my blog is really just a hobby and I have no intentions of making money off of it. I am a follower of yours on twitter and its my first visit to your website and I like it! expect to see more long winded post from me! If you got a sec please check my website out and possibly shoot me a follow on twitter!!

  8. WOW, thanks for these useful tips and methods
    As I am a newbie in this Blogging world, These imp tips will be very helpful for me to get high PR in short time.
    Thanks Again

  9. Thank you for sharing. Please share more information on this. I have created new website but don’t know how to get page rank 🙁

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