How to Search images for your blog from Yahoo and Google Image Search

What makes the Business site or Blog more attractive? Yes it is Images which speaks about content. Whatever the content is, the readers first attention will be the images. The images should match with the content to make the reading more interesting, it happens that most of the time is spent on searching perfect images or designing images for our site. There are many resources like Google & Yahoo to search the images. But note that all the image results in search engine cannot be used directly in your site without going through their terms and conditions.

How to Search Image for blog from Yahoo:

After Searching for the Images, go to left portion of the window which lists “Any Usage Rights” and “Labeled for Reuse”. “Any usage Rights” contains copyright images as well as reusable images. If you are specifically looking for images to be used for your site. select this option “labeled for Reuse”. The latest news from yahoo is that the search includes images from Flickr that can be reused under creative common license. Now the search result includes images from Flickr.

How to Search Image for blog from Google:

By default most of the beginners do mistake of downloading the images from Google search without checking for the copyright. Before using any images go through the terms and conditions for any credits. To search for images that can be used commercially from  Google search, in the right corner of search click on Advanced Search and search for the usage rights, the filter contains different type of Licenses, select the option and save.

Always make sure you carefully check for the attribution and use the image accordingly.  If required get the permission from the image owner by contacting them to use the image in your site. Most of the owners might ask for link back to their site.

Note: There is a new category of free Images available in Techbappa where all the designs are the works of techbappa and you are free to use this images in your site. There are only few images currently, very soon more designs will be added.

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  1. Nice Blog, Very inspirational. I write blogs for NGO and usually I have to search for images. The current blog and image free blog has been well written.

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