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Many of us design our dream house on papers or use some of kind of tools  struggling to design a model. Found this website the online service created by Auto desk. One can easily share the designs with others in the design gallery or even share  this in Facebook to get the feedback.Also you can save the plan in picture  formats.

goto website -> click Start Designing.

In the Designer Page click the down arrow next to home button. Here you can find all the tools required for home design , Under Build Category you can find Rooms, walls, doors and windows. There are tools for Furnish, decorate, landscape and outdoor. You can start with Building the rooms under Build category.

Under Living Room categories, you can find many sub sections like Sofas, Chairs, Accent Tables, Media units, some of the sample section of Sofas, Sectionals, Accent Tables where you click and drag to the room.

Click on 3D to select the view in 3D Angle.

For designing Lawn, you can find the category Landscape materials and click on Lawn & Grass Sub category, you can insert plants,trees, rock,water.

If you are designing for first time and finding difficult you can use the existing Design Gallery which are shared by others in the Homestyler community. select any one of the designs from the Gallery.

The 2D view of the Design, click on Copy Design button available below the rating.

Design in 2D view, click on the objects in room to select & replace.

You can view the design in 3D

No more worries, start designing now.

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