Launch your Shopping Cart using opencart

Opencart, the best flexible PHP, MySQL Open source Shopping cart.

There are many open source shopping carts available online , but Opencart is a one  Of the best flexible and user-friendly carts. Tried  other open source carts before opencart, but opencart is more user friendly in understanding the front and admin part.

Opencart is one of the best flexible and user-friendly shopping carts. Beginners who want to design shopping cart can start with this opensource software & can launch the cart in just few hours,you don’t have to be good programmer to try this.

Admin Features

Newbie Guide:

Before launching live, you can try this installing in the local system. For this to work you need to have some software package which contains Apache, PHP, MySQL. You can use Wamp server or ampss for testing in local system.

To download Wamps server

After installation -> click start wampserver

wait until color turns to green in the system tray.

Opencart installation:

Download opencart from:
copy upload folder to G:\wamp\www (path of wamp installation).

Before installation create database for opencart.

Create the new database & create the new user from privileges.

As there are many tutorials available on installation, will not go in depth.

The folders after installation will be

Note: You need to delete the Install folder after installation.

You should be able to access the front store from the path http://localhost/ostore1/  (example ostore1 created for copying opencart upload folder)

Directory to copy free/premium templates in opencart.


The template folder contains image, stylesheet and template folders.


For every template there will be stylesheet.css


Hope this helps to guide beginners to start opencart in local system. Please feel free to comment.


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