Second Month Blogging achieved Google PR 3

With so much of Excitement & No Experience in Blogging launched blog two months back.Β  Before Blogging my knowledge in certain areas were limited, once i started blogging every day was the new learning, new experience & communication got better day by day interacting with other bloggers. Time Spent on Blogging is really a worth as we learn so many things while researching & posting. I had shared my learning & experience in First Month Blogging.

Google Page Rank:

As i was new to Blogging didn’t expect Google PR 3 in Second Month but started exploring about SEO & started commenting , got listed in the Directories and social media.

Alexa Ranking:

Alexa Ranking had improved a lotΒ  in 2 Months. Would like to thank Bangalore & Oman Readers for being regular visitors to Blog.

Global Ranking : 219,376
India RankingΒ  : 11,711
Bangalore Ranking: 1,099
Oman Ranking: 1,109


Blog Directories:

In Second Month, got listed in the one of the recognized authority & best search engine for blogs.Tried listing on this website in the first month but got rejected due to the error.“Congratulations, your claim is now complete! However, since it is not an English site, we are not currently able to index your posts.” Since it was just 1 month old, tried updating few more blogs, changed the theme and tried deleting & resubmitting the blog. It worked.

As the blog is already listed in one of the best Indian Blog Directory & Network. Blog Indirank for First Month is 74 out of 100.

Blog Profile Link:


Since the Blog is just two months old, didnt try Google Adsense Instead trying some of the alternatives like Adbrite, infolinks & affliates CJ, Flipkart.

Hardwork & the Patience are the two main things required to achieve any goal. Mentioning few of the bloggers as every beginner needs some guidance to follow for better blogging.

24 thoughts on “Second Month Blogging achieved Google PR 3

  1. Congratulation Admin,
    you’re doing good work for website.
    but my website has only 1 PR in 4 Months. So i will salute you. you’re a good blogger


    My blog got PR2 after 2 years of strong basement. I donot know why? However it is also an achievement. Really nice work you did on your blog.

  3. Really amazing PR 3 in just two months,One of my blog have PR 2 from previous one year started 14 months ago,and all other blogs have PR 0 or 1.
    You should write an article how you did it means what was your blogging strategy.

  4. Hi,
    Well that is a great achievement for your blog that it has got a good ranking in the second month. I believe that being a blogger, you need to engage with your blog first by updating it with unique content as possible so that you can easily draw the attention of your visitors. This is all required. Thanks for the share!!

  5. Congratzz Lokesh….its really a luck to get these type of results within short time.I think, you did a good research and hardwork…anyways..welldone…

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