Send Gmail attachments up to 10GB using Google Drive in Gmail new Compose

Google drive is the free online storage which lets you store videos,photos, documents, everything in place which can be easily accessible from anywhere like computers, tablet. In the previous posts, had explained on how to use the Google Drive for storing files. Gmail recently introduced new compose which is much faster and easier to use. To activate this new compose feature click “New compose experience” after clicking compose.

There are some new features added, like inserting files from Google Drive which lets you to send large email attachments up to 10 GB which is 400 times larger than the current Gmail attachment limit of 25 MB . Since Google Drive keeps track of latest version of the files, the attached file will always be the latest one so there is no need to worry about sending the older version anymore.

While sending the Drive files, Gmail verifies whether the files is accessible to public or selected users. If required the sharing setting can be selected before sending the mail.The Google drive integration is definitely very useful feature for sending large files & is available only in new compose window.

6 thoughts on “Send Gmail attachments up to 10GB using Google Drive in Gmail new Compose

  1. Another wonderful product from Google. Google drive really reduce our efforts to keep all the files saved updated. If Google drive do the duty automatically, we can really have a relief.

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