10 Best SEO Addons in Mozilla Firefox

The most popular browser Mozilla Firefox contains many of the useful SEO Addons and has some of the best tools for webmasters and bloggers. Below is the List of most popular SEO Addons used by many users and very helpful in analysing the SEO of the site.

SeoQuake SEO Extension

SEOQuake is one of the most popular SEO tool used for analysis of different parameters like Google Page rank to display the pagerank of current page, Alexa Rank, SEMrush Rank, Google Index and many others, the Parameters can be enabled or disabled using the SEOquake preferences. After installing addon the SEOQuake bar can be seen below each of the search links.

SEOQuake SEO addon can be used to check the Google page rank of all internal pages for any blog or website. In the Google Search type site: yourwebsitename with extension ( ex., site.techbappa.com)


SEO Toolbar by SEOmoz

SEO Toolbar by SEOmoz is another popular SEO tool to check SEO factors like Page and Domain Authority, Mozrank, the URL’s and domains linking to the page and SERP overlay with the detailed links metics. Analyse option provides more details about the page elements which checks for factors like title tag, meta description and header tags.  Page attributes checks for meta robots, webpage load times. If you are a paid member you can get access to more features. The opensite explorer provides details on Inbound Links, Linking domains, Anchor text and advanced reports. To access most of this features you should become a paid member of SEOmoz.

SEO Doctor

SEO doctor checks for the various factors based on Google webmaster, image and SEO starter guidelines and provides the score. SEO Doctor was reviewed in one of the previous article.


SenSEO(Sensational SEO) doesnt require restart to install addon, it checks for the webpage important SEO components like checks for the Title, Meta Description and Meta keywords, also other features like checking the headlines, domain, URL path, microdata and the page load time. After installation the Search icon of senSEO can be found in the Search bar.


Foxy SEO Tool

Foxy SEO makes the search easier and provides SEO tools for analysis like Google links which has Google images which searches for images used in the site, Google news, Google Pagerank which provide tool to check the pagerank of the site. Similar links are checked for Yahoo and Bing. The tool provides Traffic option to check the site traffic from alexa, compete, quantcast and Google Trends.You will be able to check if the site is listed in some of the best directories like DMOZ and Yahoo directory, Technorati, Delicious and other options provided are Network, Misc and the Keyword.


SEO & Website Analysis

The tool is from woorank.com and provides depth analysis with more than 50 SEO factors. After installation the “W” icon is available in the bottom right corner when clicked generates the detailed report and provides the woorank out of 100. The report analysis the site and provides the details on errors to fixed and the top priorities which needs action and checks for various SEO parameters like Content, Links, Keywords, Authority and Backlinks.

SEO Blogger

SEO Blogger is from Wordtracker and provides keyword research tool to optimize the article and the “W” icon will be available in the bottom right corner of browser status bar when clicked tool is available in the left section of the browser screen. Type the keyword you want to use and the tool suggests for different keywords.


Affilorama SEO Tool

Affilorama SEO tool is a simple toolbar which provides analysis on Pagerank, Alexa Traffic, Backlinks for the website in Google and Yahoo, Indexing information, Onpage detail information like Title, Meta keywords, Meta description, Link scanner which colors the external links and no follow links in the site and information about domain. The tool is available in right corner of the browser address bar.Right click on the link next to Alexa to get more options.

SEO Workers Web Page SEO Analysis Tool

SEO worker analysis the site for SEO and generates the report on HTTP headers, Meta tags, keywords, URL’s, Keywords in anchor and image alt tags. After each factor, Google webmaster help video is embedded for better understanding.


Backlink Explorer

Backlink Explorer provides analysis on Backlink to site using few of the popular tools like Majestic SEO, Opensite Explorer, Blekko, Bing and Alexa. You should be the paid member in some of this tools to view the complete report on Backlinks. The installation does not require browser restart and to check the options click on the “BE” Icon  available in the status bar.

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13 thoughts on “10 Best SEO Addons in Mozilla Firefox

  1. Great Extensions I also used Mozilla but i was unaware of all this Add ons Now i will use them to boost my mozilaa experience Thanks .

  2. Seo Quake is good for chrome also.Choose the right ones only.Adding so many plugins will result in slow connection time and also , may end up in total confusion.Confusion means, the results may not be same for all the plugins.
    Only the main factors(for eg: PR) will be same.But several factors like fb likes,website load time etc will be different in all these plugins. So install only 2 or 3 which you think the most accurate and enable only the needed measures.Update it regularly.

  3. Mozila Firefox may be the second highest browser which is used from various devices. A large number add-on are available on mozila store for seo purpose. Very essential list for SEO experts along with bloggers but I have bad experience with SEOQUAKE as Google will identify your PC as spammer. So, it is better to stay away from that extension.

  4. i really like seo workers webpage toolbar because i like checking on alexa and google page rank on sites as well the backlinks, but a nice list of great seo toolbars for firefox 🙂

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