Useful Features of Microsoft

In less than 5 months of launch, registered over 25 million active mail users and won many awards and getting positive feedback everywhere. claims that about third of their users are active Gmail users who tried for first time.

Here are some of the Microsoft’s email features:

User Interface:

The very first interesting feature of the look of the email. The interface design is more attractive as compared with the other email services. The user have option to select different color for the mail box. The feature is available in the top right corner of the mail box.

Create Email Alias: 

An alias in different email name used in alternative to the existing mail id. It is not a separate email and can be used in the situations where you may want to use different mail id in the places like shopping online, for getting newsletters where you dont want to use the main mail id.To login to it is always required to use the main mail id and not the alias mail id.Remember while creating alias you cannot give the names which is already created as email address by different person.while sending the email you can select from which  email you may want to send the message. ex., I can create the main email account as and can use the
alias as, by these i will be able to separate my personal  and blog mails which i can easily manage from the same login & password.

Storage Limit and Send large attachments using Skydrive
In Microsoft you can store unlimited files and storage capacity is automatically increased when more space is required.

Gmail recently introduced sending attachments upto 10GB using Google Drive.In you can attach the files upto 25 MB, if the upload file is more than the limit it automatically sends from Skydrive which is a default feature selected, which you will be able to view in Inbox options and outlook is integrated with Skydrive an
online storage just like Google drive.

Sort Folders:

When the folders created in the mail box by default they are in arranged in alphabetical order. outlook features reordering the folder just by drag and drop so that the top priority mails stored in mail folder can be moved to top and less priority mails in the folder can be moved to bottom. If required anytime the you can go back to alphabetical order just by right click and choosing sort subfolders A to Z.

Recover deleted emails:

In case the user accidentally deletes all the mail from inbox and thrash, still the mails can be recovered using the recover deleted messages from the deleted folder.

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