What are Good Comments and Spam Comments?

If you are new to blogging and creating a website or blog for yourself, you should know about the spam comments and necessary steps to prevent spams. Past few days visited a few of the sites where noticed the blog owners especially new bloggers who had approved the spam comments. Not sure whether the comments were approved because they liked the nice words in the comments, yeah!! The comments were not matching the articles but surely impressive to approve the comments. If you are designing a blog site for the first time it is important to understand the difference between spam and good comments.


What is a Good Comment?

Good comments will be received mostly from the known people or the unknown people whose comments matches with the article and mostly 98% of Good comments will have their profile picture and remaining 2% may have picture but comments does not match to the article, some of the samples are listed in spam comments below.  If you find the same person visiting and Commenting multiple times , sharing and liking the site, we call them Loyal readers.

Some times due to some issues, Good comments are listed under spam comments, If you really wanted to save Good comments from spam list you can unspam this comments before deleting the entire list.

Below are the few examples of our friends who commented in techbappa. Many of you will be aware of this bloggers. They guide many of us in choosing the right path for blogging success and loyal readers are surely part of our success to blogging. Here is short bio of well known bloggers and some of the loyal readers with their good comments (word’s are not enough, Please visit there blogs and you too will start liking their blogs).

Examples of Good Comments

1. Ehsan Ullah is behind the Guide to Blogging community and helping many new bloggers to follow the right path of blogging. Ehsan2. Lisa blogs at inspiretothrive.com and she likes to share the knowledge which is useful for all. Lisa3. Adrienne blogs at adriennesmith.net, an inspiration to many of us who is helping to achieve success and surely enjoy reading every article published by her.adrienne4. Abdul Qoyyuum blogs at blog.qoyyuum.me and he had been commenting in techbappa from the day techbappa was launched. He is an Example of Loyal Reader. Abdul

5. Nirmala Blogs at mymagicfundas.com and known by many of the bloggers, she is known for Learning and sharing the content which she likes with her network  and sometime back observed one of the comment was in the spam list. At techbappa, we check for spam list and unspam if any known bloggers are listed by mistake.

Notice the message at the top right corner which says “unspammed by author”,  this message is displayed when the Good comments are marked as unspam.

NirmalaAbove are few examples and would like to thank all the others who are commenting at techbappa.

What is a Spam Comment?

A Spam comment is an unwanted and irrelevant comments which are posted automatically from some Machines which contains the same comments posted in many places with their website links. Once you Activate the comments plugin you will start receiving this comment. You should be able to differentiate between the Good comments and the spam comments.

Examples of Spam Comments:

Below are some of the samples from spam comments.


Good to see the appreciation, but notice the links after the comment and the comment does not mention anything about the article. If this kind of comments are not identified by spam tools, remove this manually mentioning spam. Some comments might not have the links at the end, check the website link or the name provided in the comments. You should be able to identify if the page is not opening or if the names are junk characters.


Notice the links everywhere in the comment and you will not find nice words of appreciation. This kind of comments can be a few lines to more than 10 lines with few sentences which contains the off topic information.


If you have just started your blogging career without anybody’s help and started receiving a few comments as above, you will really feel discouraged seeing the type of comments for your articles, remember these are automated comments which are posted from some machine to multiple places, the tools in the blog are capable of listing as spam.


Some comments you might feel there is some problem with your theme or plugins, sure test it, but the reader will not leave this as comment, every website or blog will have a contact us and surely they will send messages through contact us if they find any problem. Simply ignore this spam comment.


The comments clearly indicates it is targeting the advertisement and links in comment.

How to automatically detect the spam comments?

If you are using WordPress, Enable the Akismet plugin which comes with the default installation. This must be the first plugin to activate by default.

Another plugin Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin  helps to stop spam comments, it adds the check box which needs to selected before submitting the comment.

Please let us know what are the methods you are following to detect spam comments and are you doing unspam for good comments from the spam list?

18 thoughts on “What are Good Comments and Spam Comments?

  1. Hello Lokesh,

    I’d say there’s very thin line between genuine comment and spam comment. Right now, people are smart enough to see that thin line but still there are people who takes their eyes off from spam comments and approve it without giving a second thought, because they want to see bigger number of comments on their post.

    But in real, when they hit approve button they lose their credibility as a blogger, they lose their quality, they lose their readers, even they lose their own-self.

    Its good to avoid spam comments, and i don’t need to tell you how you can do that, or is there?

    1. Romy, Thanks for visiting techbappa and for your comments 🙂 Exactly there are few of them who is just approving spam comments just to increase the comment count without understanding the impact of quality and credibility. Mostly this mistake is done by beginners who are new to blogging and they may avoid once they understand this mistake and and they start using the spam tools.

    1. Ehsan, You are welcome and thanks for your comments in techbappa 🙂 I think there is no blogger who doesn’t know Ehsan and guideandnews 🙂 Comments are most important to communicate in building the network and knowing the difference between good comments and spam comments helps to maintain good quality of comments.

    1. Srikanth, Nice to see your comments in every post 🙂 and thanks for liking the new design. This article will surely help beginners to differentiate between good and spam comments.

  2. Thanks Lokesh for the mention. CommentLuv premium (plug-in) also stops many spammers from getting through, not all but a lot. I noticed a big difference when I converted to that one. It’s amazing when they put in links, how stupid do they think we are?
    Or others who comment but not about the post and only about their products or services. They go right into my spam folder 🙂
    Lisa recently posted..Rafflecopter Missing Link for Online Giveaways and ContestsMy Profile

    1. Lisa, You are welcome and Thanks for another Good comment 🙂 As the commentluv premium includes GASP, it prevents almost all the spam’s, Thanks for sharing one of the great feature of commentluv premium.

  3. Awww~ Thanks for the mention there, Lokesh. Good thing I changed my avatar.

    About spam comments, a blogger friend of mine had trouble trying to identify it were real or spam. My advice: if it looks generic and has nothing to do with your blog post, block it.

  4. Hey Lokesh,

    Now that was a great explanation and even examples of good comments verses down right spam. Imagine my surprised when I saw mine included among your examples. Thank you for that by the way.

    I know when I first started I was pretty ignorant and had no clue that those comments that started showing up weren’t even from real live people. Once I learned I felt so stupid that I actually believed they were real but I didn’t understand why they would do that to begin with.

    I know for me that blog commenting is the best way to actually connect with the blog owner so take your time to actually read their post and then provide your best response possible.

    Thank you so much for making this so clear and again for including my comment.

    Hope you’ve had a great week.


    1. Adrienne, You are welcome and Thanks for your Good comments 🙂 Many of us faced the similar problem initially when we were happy to see our first few comments in our blog but never thought it was automated spam comments. Blog commenting is surely the best way to connect with blog owners and helps to build better communication. Thanks for your comments again.

  5. Hey, Good collection of good and spam comment 🙂 . These day I can even see some thing like this “your site is very slow, I tried to get to the post….. . I was caught at the first time. And hey I love Ehsan and Adrienne mentioned. Happy Blogging

  6. Lokesh, you’ve provided good examples of what good and spam comments are. I have installed Akimset plugin to control the use of spam and it sometimes decides to mark as spam, even some comments like ‘This is a really informative article’ which has no website mentioned by the person who commented. I don’t understand how Akimset categorizes this as spam and in the recent past I have been thinking of using some other spam controlling plugins. Anyway, I’ll try to check the growmap plugin you mentioned in this post. Thanks.

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