What is Google Drive and How to Use it


Google Drive lets to store documents,video, music, photos,everything in  single place and can access them from anywhere like computer, phone,tablet. In the Free Feature you get 5GB free storage space and can  upload 30 different file types like Photoshop, images, movie format and  all popular file types. After 5GB limit you need to pay to get more storage  space. The Files are always synced and automatic, ie if any changes done in one device it updates in everyplace. After uploading the files you can share the documents with friends and family, there is no need to send email attachments.

To create the Drive


Next Step Accept Google Terms and Conditions and Install. Save the googledrivesync executable file in the local drive and run the installation. The Installation will be completed in less than 6 Minutes.  After the Installation You will be asked to login using the Gmail Username & Password. Enter the Details and Login. After Login Click Next on the Getting Started screen. Advanced Setting lets you select to use option to sync only for selected folders & to enable Google drive to automatically connect when you start your computer. Click on Start sync.

After start sync Google Drive is created under My Documents & You can transfer the files from Local PC to Google Drive. In the example below tried to copy the image files to Google Drive, Drag & Drop to Google Drive Folder the status in the Server

Copied files are uploaded in the server and are listed with the owner and Timestamp details.To Share with Friends and Family, select the file name & click share on the top left corner & in the next step add the E-mail address & select Notify people via email, They will receive a mail of a Item Name and link to open the item.

There are third party apps available in Google drive like if you want to edit photos you can use pixlr.

You can find the supported Google Drive apps in Setting->Manage Apps.

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