What is Page Rank and How to get Page Rank?

Page Rank is always considered as a best way to improve the Search Engine Optimization performance to rank good in Google. Page Rank has become one of the major challenge for bloggers and Business sites.


What is Page Rank?

Page rank is basically a score out of 10 given by Google where zero is the least and 10 is the Highest.It updates generally 4 times in a year. Page rank decides the quality and popularity of a webpage. The Page Rank score out of 10 tells us how much page and the information stored in that particular page is relevant and useful for readers.

Why Page Rank is Important?

One of the factor Online Marketing approaches sites for advertisement is on the basis of Page rank. Higher the Page Rank then Higher will be the popularity in Search engines and attracts more advertisers and readers.  If you are writing a content on a particular topic there will be million of sites in the search results and having good page rank is one of the factor to get to top of the search results and there are many others factors too. It is always suggested to have a good unique quality content which helps have good page rank.

How Search Engines Work?

Let’s have a look how Search Engines work. Suppose a random guy searched a term “Latest trend in Technology” in Google. There are millions of pages indexed in Google. Now Google bots search for term “Latest Trend in Technology” and will collect all those pages which have the term in any manner. Now bots will search for the KeyWords and take out the pages. After KeyWords, Google bots will check Description and a list of pages will be gathered which match best for the user. This all done in milliseconds. Now Google still have hundreds of webpages which they have to rank for the searcher. Criteria to rank the web pages is based on various factors but the major differentiator is Page Rank. Suppose two webpages are doing same level of performance and even the SEO performance is quite similar then Page Rank will matter here.
Well Google is going to introduce Author Rank which will be based on your social activities and popularity. Author Rank will help your web page to rank over other webpages but it will work only when you have verified authorship in Google.
Don’t worry Author rank is not going to replace the Page Rank. Page Rank will forever remain major criteria for the audience and internet marketers for the evaluation of web page.

How We Get the Page Rank?

Page rank depends on various factors some of them are not even disclosed by Google because of Spammers. But the major factor for the Page Rank is incoming Do-follow back links. Google checks how many websites of what quality are linking to your web page, in what manner and why they are linking to your web page. All the things are checked by Google bots and it is completely an automatic phenomenon. After checking all the factors Google evaluate a score out of 10 for your web page.

Advantages of Page Rank?

•    It will help you to rank better than others in Google Search results.
•    It will boost your performance in Internet marketing world.
•    More the Page Rank of your site, more your content will be considered reliable.
•    It improves the Web Page reputation.

Disadvantages of Page Rank?

•    Lower the PR less will be the performance in Search Engines.
•    Some guys may consider your page as not a reliable source.
•    Your performance in internet marketing might be low.

Tips to Increase Page Rank?

What to Do:

•    Increase the incoming High Quality links. Although Google doesn’t considers the quantity, quality matters. So try to have good quality incoming links. The best way to generate Genuine back links towards your site is by doing Guest Blogging on some top PR blogs.
•    Write quality and responsive content. Don’t copy paste the content.
•    Try to link with related websites.

What to Avoid:

•    Don’t link your site which is producing spamming content.
•    Don’t copy paste the content on your blog.
•    Don’t put too much external link on your website until you have good PR.
•    Try to avoid linking with different niche web pages.

How to check Page Rank and add Page Rank buttons to your site?

To check the page rank of any website

  • Goto prchecker.info and type the website name and click on check PR.
  • Enter the Anti-bot code and Click verify now.
  • The Results show the Page rank of the site.
  • The Page rank buttons are displayed below the search result.
  • Copy the HTML code and paste in any of your site widget.

Rudraksh Pathak

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