Why You Need to Build Trust with Your Visitors

No matter what your reason is for running a blog – whether it’s to make money, to establish yourself as an authority figure within a niche or even just to provide information on a topic you know a lot about – one of the major factors that all blogs need to have if they’re going to be popular is trust.


Out of all the things a webmaster has to manage when it comes to running a blog – visitor statistics, bounce rate percentage, page rankings and even fresh content – trust is easily the most important of all of them. Trust is what stands in between a visitor coming to your site, taking a quick glance around and bouncing straight off of the page and them sticking around and coming back more and more in the future as they become a loyal follower of your work.

How Do You Build Trust, Then?

There are many ways that you can start to build trust between your site and your readers. They’re usually fairly easy to put into place too but far too many webmasters and blog owners tend to overlook these practices because they involve actually putting time and effort into producing quality work that you’re proud to put your name next to.

Sharing Information about Yourself

One of the quickest and easiest ways to build trust with your visitors is to post up an ‘About Us’ style page which gives a little insight into you, what your site is all about and what the visitors can expect when they’re looking around. It might sound simple (and it really is,) but you’d be amazed how many visitors who don’t see an ‘About Us’ page view that as a red flag and leave the site straight away. The same goes for a ‘Contact Us’ page – if you’re not willing to let your readers know about you or contact you in any way, of course they’re going to think your website (and by extension, you) are a little shady. If you haven’t got either/or both of those pages up on your site, throw them up now and notice the almost-instant difference.

Provide Legitimate Value

If you’ve heard the phrase, ‘content is king’ then you’ve already got a good idea of what drives a successful website or blog. People turn to the Internet to find answers to their problems and to solve issues their having so it is the blogs that have the most useful content that truly thrive and develop a loyal following.

When you write up some new content you should always begin by asking yourself, ‘does this offer genuine value to my readers?’ If the answer is ‘yes’ then you shouldn’t hesitate in posting it up and watching the positive feedback roll in. If it is a pointless posts, visitors have to search harder than normal for the answers they need.

If you provide legitimate value in the form of high-quality content then that will do wonders for how visitors to your website will view you. If they can trust the information that’s on your site then they can trust you and that means that’ll return more than once, becoming regular visitors in the process.

Building trust through your content will help you stand out in a blogging crowd that is growing larger and larger by the day. The one thing that will never change online is the fact that people will continue to look for valuable, trustworthy content. If you’re able to provide that level of authority and trust then you’re well on your way to becoming a successful, popular and profitable blogger.

Darcy Stach

Darcy Stach is a professional blogging consultant who has written about topics ranging from social media strategies, flying simulator games and many other geek-culture topics. To catch up with more of Darcy’s work you can visit this blog.

6 thoughts on “Why You Need to Build Trust with Your Visitors

  1. Darcy, excellent points. If they don’t trust you to provide correct information they will not likely return to your blog or website. The about us is important – If I’m unsure of a site I do check that page out. I should be updating mine soon too 🙂 Something we tend to forget about after we create it, right? Thanks for sharing Darcy.
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  2. Hi Darcy,

    All points are well described. It is true that if you want to succeed in online business world, then you will surely need to get trust of other people. If you got the trust of users then you can get success easily. Also they might be helpful in your business promotion.

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