Yahoo! Axis Web Browser for iPhone, Desktop and iPad

How many of you are using Yahoo axis browser which was launched few months back? not heard of the people talking much about this browser. Yahoo! Axis is the Browser for desktop, mobile phones and the tablet. With the focus of innovation on best user experience and with the latest technologies yahoo introduced completely new visual rich look to browse on desktop and mobile browser for iPhone and iPad.

When we think of browser the things which come in mind Title bar, menu bar, tabs, search bar…Yahoo Axis browser look is not same as other browsers. when installed its minimized in the lower left corner of the browser with the search & option to bookmark the site. The browser plugin works with all Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari HTML5 enabled browsers. To search any content, type the text and it expands which shows text in left side and websites in the right section. There is even a option of searching images only.

Other feature which makes the yahoo axis unique is browsing can continued from one device to other. ex., when you search for some keyword in desktop & get the results, you can continue to view this results in iPhone or iPad. Similarly if the page is bookmarked in iPhone, it can be viewed in iPad or Desktop.Remember you should be logged in using your yahoo mail account.

Overall its a unique, different way of browsing experience.

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